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→ Is this a good quality product?
Extend your research by asking questions to see if this product will meet your needs and be a durable items of clothing in your wardrobe.

→ Do I really NEED this?
If I simply WANT this product, why do I want it? *Really consider this, what is driving you to make this purchase.

→ Will I wear this 30+ times?
*If no, then do you really NEED this item?

→ Do I already own something like this?
*Are you going to get home and realise you have something similar that could be easily altered. dyed, etc to create an alike piece that is unique to you?

→ Can I find something similar in a second hand or vintage store?
*Maybe go have a hunt before committing to your purchase.

→ Can I rent this item from a clothing rental business instead of purchasing it?
*If you only intend on wearing this item once maybe this is a better option.

→ Am I buying into a fleeting trend?
*Do you only want this because you have seen everyone on Instagram wearing something similar?

→ Will this item work with what I already have in my wardrobe, or will I have to consume more to 'complete the look'?
*Research the 'Diderot Effect'

→ Am I going to be able to care for this garment correctly?
*Do you have the capability to hand wash or dry clean this item regularly?

→ Is this something I need to purchase right NOW?
*Can you sleep on it and reconsider this purchase tomorrow?

→ If I buy this garment will my money be supporting an ethically considerate business?
*Are they treating workers well and paying a living wage? Ask questions and do your research.

→ Am I being swayed by a promotion or sale?
*Would you want this if it were full price?

→ Can I return this item if it decide it isn't quite right for me?

*Not all brands are the same, always check the returns policy!

→ Am I simply in a 'shopping mood'?
*Will you regret this purchase later?


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