Ask yourself the following questions before committing to a purchase. 

Do I really NEED this? 

If I simply WANT this product, why do I want it?

 Is this something I need to purchase right NOW? 

 Do I already own something like this? 

Can I find something similar in a second hand or vintage store?

Can I rent this item from a clothing rental business instead of purchasing it? 

Will I wear it 30+ times? 

Will it work with what I already have in my wardrobe, or will I have to consume more to 'complete the look'? 

Am I going to be able to care for this garment correctly? (i.e hand washing or dry cleaning).

If I buy this garment will my money be supporting an ethically considerate business? 

Is this a good quality product?  

Am I being swayed by a promotion or sale? Would I want this if it were full price? 

 Can I return this item if it doesn't suit me? 


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