KRYSTAL DEANS is a label with consciousness at its core. We take inspiration from, and celebrate the limitations that coincide with committing to activism over the rapid growth of profit. Dedicated to the Slow Fashion movement there are many things we do behind the scenes to lessen our impact on the planet and ensure our clothing is cared for responsibly when they leave our hands.


We speak lots about ‘slow fashion’ so here is a little comparative break down to clue you in… 




Small runs                                                                                         VS             Mass production

High quality garments designed for longevity                           VS             Low quality garments designed to break after minimal wear

Timeless, unique designs                                                               VS             Garments designed around fleeting trends

Consideration of people and the planet                                      VS             Exploitation of people and the planet

Consumer education                                                                       VS             Green washing  

Transparency of production processes                                       VS             Unwillingness to disclose information on production processes



Positioned on the Great Ocean Road on Wada Wurrung land our studio is home to all operations, from design all the way through manufacturing and dispatch. Converted from dilapidated horse stables our studio space is powered by solar and hydrated by rainwater. We opt for thermals, thick socks and wooly knits in winter to reduce use of the need of heating and strip down to next to nothing in summer to avoid the air conditioning.

Fashion studios produce a significant amount of waste, being both textile and paper waste. We collect our paper waste to later be repurposed into handmade sheets by Dodgy Paper for us to use for various aspects of the business. See the WASTE MANAGEMENT section below to learn about how we manage our textile waste.  





95% of all styles are made to order, this meaning that an item is only cut and sewn once an order has been placed. By doing so we ensure we are only making what is necessary and avoid creating textile waste. If fabric intended for a particular style is left over we are able to reimagine it and use it to create another style at a later date.

Another reason for operating as a made-to-order label to provide customers with a more bespoke shopping experience, see the CUSTOMISATIONS section below.




We’ve mentioned how we stay on top of paper waste, and now for textile waste. The Waste Management project was birthed by the creation of a bag made in its entirety from scraps left over from the construction of denim garments made in the studio. This project has continued to this day and has allowed us to get excited and imaginative instead of sad and guilty when we create textile waste at the cutting stage of garment production. We slowly collect and categorise fabrications for later use in reimagined designs. The beautiful nature of this project means we are able to create one of a kind pieces with heart and a story to tell that reduce our input to landfill.





Our packaging is proudly plastic free! We ship out items in compostable shipping bags supplied by The Better Packaging Co, your garments are protected with tissue paper instead of plastic and are sealed with paper packing tape. If purchasing from us please ensure you correctly compost your Better Packaging Co bag as directed and consider re-using it




As we operate as a made to order label we are able to offer a unique shopping experience unlike ready to wear labels. Leg, hem and sleeve lengths are able to be customised on majority of our garments for a small cost that covers design adjustment and cutting time. Please get in touch via our contact page to enquire about your desired customisation.




We are currently on the journey of ensuring full transparency through our entire production process, but this journey is long one. Our current collection features fabrics sourced from a range of suppliers, if you are seeking more information to assist you in making a consciously considered purchase please get in touch via our contact page.




Changing the current state of the fashion industry is the responsibility of both brands and their consumers.

We do all we can to provide you with responsibly made garments, but after they leave the studio we lose control of the impacts our clothing has on the earth, this part is in your hands. The use and disposal of clothing makes up a significant amount of the impact an item of clothing creates over its life span. The way you wash and dispose of your clothing makes a big difference! We are dedicated to consumer education and do so by sharing easy to digest information on the many aspects of the fashion industry via our Instagram.