Sustainable; as defined by my trusty computer dictionary means ‘able to be maintained at certain rate or level’, and there is nothing sustainable about growing fields of water hungry organic cotton or using industrial machinery to recycle plastic bottles into reformed polyester. Every aspect of the fashion industry takes away from the planet, it does not sustain it 〰️ So, in my opinion, sustainable fashion does not exist, sorry! 〰️ If you see a brand labelling themselves as ‘sustainable’ I ask you to delve deeper, ask how and why? This word has been hijacked and I feel it is now a means of greenwashing in our modern day 〰️ We need to know as much about the clothing we wear each day as the food we eat each day. Don’t be fooled by a ‘fat free’ label as you would be a ‘sustainable’ label 〰️ Little disclaimer, I do understand this word is an umbrella term to outline thoughtfulness as a whole and it is hard to not use sometimes. So what I’ve shared here is more so aimed at brands specifically claiming they make ‘sustainable clothing’ with nothing to back this statement.