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This is not nude

This is not nude
This is not nude 〰️ A couple of weeks ago I posted images of this singlet and long sleeve I was soon to release. The pieces were made in greyish tan, beigey coloured fabric, and after I uploaded I was surprised to have people ask me “how much is the nude top?”, or tell me how much they liked the new “nude” pieces. I sent my smiley emojis, answered the questions, later made a comment to a close friend about it but after that I moved on. At the time I didn’t think it was necessary to make a potential customer feel uncomfortable by picking them up on their incorrect use of language, though given the events of recent weeks, I realise now how necessary it was. I realise now how important it is to speak up and correct even unintentional racism, and how not doing so makes me a part of the problem at hand 〰️ I work with fabrics on a daily basis so I’m no angel for knowing nude isn’t a colour, and am wondering just how often in my life I may express this similar ignorance in relation to how POC are treated in our world. I want to do my part and use the power I do have to assist in the change of systemic racism 〰️ In light of what I’ve shared here, I have decided to name these two pieces the ‘this is not nude’ singlet and long sleeve. I have a small run available, in sizes 6-14 and will be donating 50% of all sales to the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) 〰️ Alternatively if there is a charity that you are passionate about surrounding the BLM movement I would be more than happy to pass your donation there 〰️ singlets are $90, long sleeves $110 〰️ DM to purchase 〰️ Much love, Krystal

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